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The smartest system to manage your events, wherever they are...
We have created a unique platform to help you manage your events. Our primary goal was to learn and understand, what would help you to build successful events. We took the time to eliminate all the superfluous functions and develop digital products that are quick and easy to use. 
Penguinpass combines and incorporates everything you need into a single tool. We value your time, it's not for us, but for your events!
Save the date

Upload your guest list, create invitations with your custom  template and send mail campaigns directly from Penguinpass, without using other software.

Get the status of your guests with a simple click on the invitation or on the app. Confirmations, plus one, special needs.., Your guests will do the work for you.
Virtual event & Webinars

Create your virtual events, webinars, live events, classrooms, whatever you want for your virtual venue, it's easy with our integrated builder.
Check in

Your list as it updates will be ready for the hostesses or gate controllers. Add names at the last minute from your office, and they will be ready to welcome the new guests. 
Behavior tracking

Track guests behavior in physical events, using the power of Penguinpass wireless detecting feature. You can map areas or products interactions.
Reports and Analysis

Each of your events is the power of your business. Get your reports and analysis for you and your clients. Make your events productive!
Who chose us
Many have tested our system and many have decided to keep on using it. From PR agencies to brands, companies and fairs organisers, a wide range of event professionals have showed that Penguinpass is a versatile tool accelerating and improving work processes. 
Check out them here. 
Where can you 
use Penguinpass

Penguinpass is a complete suite of tools for the management of all kinds of events - physical, digital, or hybrid. 
A dashboard with a check-in app and (just if you wish) a guest app for your guests to make you be able to control each side of your event, even your attendees interaction with your products.

Explore our tools, to find out the best one for your event. 

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Private & Corporate events

From a private exclusive dinner, to a corporate event, from a fashion show to a party with your best clients. Wherever there is an event with a check-in list, Penguinpass is the best solution to manage your event.

Fairs & Trade shows

In 2018 Cosmoprof, the largest worldwide fair for cosmetic selected Penguinpass for their events. From then on, we started developing specific solutions for fairs organizers. Penguinpass is the winner of 2019 EMECA contest, the European Major Exhibition Center Association as best concept of Indoor navigation.

Webinars & Virtual events

In 2020, in responce to covid-19 we added a set of features to manage virtual events with a unique flow. An hybrid solution to create webinars, live shows and virtual events with a touch of style and uniqueness.

Press days & Virtual Showroom

We are based in Milan, one of the fashion capitals in the world, so it was impossible to not take care of fashion brands and press offices dealing with social restrictions. Buyers, clients, journalists, supplier now can meet in special digital & real environment we have created for them.

Take a look at our
Starter Price Packages
  • Easy Set Up

  • Design Your Own RSVP and Event page

  • Hybrid Event Solution

  • All In One Event Dashboard

  • Creative Features And Solutions

  • Made For Event Professionals

  • Different Plans From Small Events to Fairs


Unlimited Guests Unlimited Mails Powerful Metrics Multi Devices Check-in app iOS & Android On Line Assistance


Up To 150 guests Data Report Virtual Check-in Chat Moderata 1h free DEMO Landing Page Custom

With Penguinpass, we want to create the best experiences for you and most importantly, for your guests. Plan, execute and host any type of event- a seated dinner, a fashion show, a press office, or even a virtual trade fair with Penguinpass. 
We have developed smart, easy-to-use tools with the best and latest Technology & Design, unlike any other to surprise you every step of the way.
That's the WOW EFFECT we want to see on your face while using Penguinpass! 
New to Penguinpass?

Do you provide assistance other than the platform?

Yes, we provide an introduction workshop for included in any plan to make you start being confident with Penguinpass, but you can also request extra assistance or a full package assistance for your event.

Can I use it for physical events too?

Yes, Penguinpass is born for physical event as an IoT solution in order to bind physical world with your digital analysis. Check out our suite of dashboard and apps under our product page.

I'm PR agency, can I also use Penguinpass?

Yes, we have made this tool specifically for you! It will save you loads of time, providing your clients event with unique guest management, a fast and productive workflow before, during and after the event. We also have subscribtion plans, ask us about them.

I need help with my next virtual event, can you help?

Yes, we can assist you in the speakers training, presentation launch and live event support.

What is the VIP welcoming?

VIP is our special feature where you can recognize guests from a distance. Event organizers love it because it gives them the opportunity to provide a special check-in experience.
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